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Event Date
Knowledge Mining with the Microsoft Azure Cogative Platform 03/20/2019
Introduction to Azure Databricks 02/19/2019
Architecting a Modern Analytics Platform with Azure 01/16/2019
Real time Smart Home Analytics 10/17/2018
So you want to be a Data Scientist? 09/19/2018
Using SQL Server 2017 with the Docker Container Service 05/16/2018
Interactive Data Science with R and Power BI 03/21/2018
Understanding Microsoft's Cognitive Services 01/17/2018
Using Python in SQL Server 2017 09/20/2017
Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Deep Dive 07/19/2017
ArcGIS Maps for Power BI: a Review of Power BI's New Geospatial Visualization Capabilities 05/17/2017
SQL Server R Services in SQL 2016 04/26/2017
Self Service BI With a Tool End Users Already Know & Love 03/15/2017
Using R in the Microsoft Data Platform 01/18/2017
Real-time insights and analytics using Azure IoT suite 11/16/2016
Predicting the Future using Azure Machine Learning 09/21/2016
Using Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI for Enterprise IoT 07/20/2016
Pyramid Analytics 05/18/2016
Alteryx Analytics 04/20/2016
Performance Management & Advanced Analytics with Microsoft Analysis Services 03/16/2016
Big Data Insight using HDInsight and Hadoop 01/20/2016
Microsoft Cortana Analytics 11/17/2015
Data Visualization Tool Comparison 10/20/2015
Introduction to Datazen 09/15/2015
Analyzing CRM Data with Power BI 07/21/2015
Connecting Microsoft PowerBI with SAP for agile, self-service analytics 05/19/2015
Chicago PASS BI: Azure Machine Learning 04/21/2015
Metadata-Driven SSRS Development and Maintenance with MVC 03/17/2015
Master Data Services and Data Quality Services 08/19/2014
What About The Competition - An Introduction to Tableau and Qlikview 06/17/2014
Parallel Data Warehouse 2012 Application Update 1 - a Whirlwind Tour 04/15/2014
Power BI 03/18/2014
Analytic Power Unleashed 02/26/2014
What's Coming in SQL Server 2014? 01/21/2014
PDW V2 Technology 11/19/2013
Holistic BI รข€“ Blending Human Intelligence, Predictive Intelligence and BI 10/15/2013
Visio 2013 Data Mapping and Dash Boarding 09/17/2013
Building the Fastest SQL Servers 08/20/2013
Data Explorer 07/16/2013
Salesforce Integration: Using DBAmp with Salesforce and MSSQL 06/18/2013
SQL BI User Group Meeting 05/21/2013
New Features of SQL Server 2012 03/19/2013
Collaborative BI Using Office 2013 01/15/2013
SSIS Package Realtime Visualzation & Analytics PowerPivot 11/20/2012
Preview into the Future of Self-Service Business Intelligence 10/16/2012
Advanced SSIS ETL in SQL 2012 09/19/2012
Lessons Learned from Implementing Microsoft MDS 08/28/2012
Microsoft's Azure Cloud with Hadoop 07/24/2012
Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode 06/19/2012
Data Mining using SQL Server 04/17/2012
Self-Service BI with Power View 03/20/2012
SQL Server 2012 Tabular Models, DAX, and the BISM 02/21/2012


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